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U13 Girls in the Boston Pizza Player’s Tournament 2016


Jessie Petinger, Sarah Urquhart, Morgan Kruger, Kaija Maenpaa win the East St. Paul Tournament 2016 with Kenora

U12 Boys Team-Boston Pizza Player's Tournament 2016

U12 Boys Team-Boston Pizza Player’s Tournament 2016


Gage Delorme and Ethan Cook participate in a U13 Indoor Festival in Winnipeg with Kenora Lightning


IMG_0479Fiona Cook playing with the Thunder Bay Chill 2015-USA Cup


U10 Affiliate Team-Thunder Bay Chill Tournament 2015


U12 Boys Affiliate Team-Slurpee Cup 2015

Girls U12 Team 2

U12 Girls Team-Slurpee Cup 2015


Tory Kelly representing Team Ontario at the 2014 Games


Fiona Cook wins the U11 division at the Golden Boy Indoor Tournament with the Thunder Bay Chill-2016



Ethan Cook with the U12 developmental boys team-Thunder Bay Chill 2015

Fiona Cook-Second place finish in the USA Cup 2016 with the Thunder Bay Chill

Fiona Cook-Second place finish in the USA Cup 2016 with the Thunder Bay Chill



Ethan and Fiona Cook and Gage Delorme at Coerver Camp in Kenora 2016

Ethan and Fiona Cook and Gage Delorme at Coerver Camp in Kenora 2016

Kenora Jamboree 2016

Kenora Jamboree 2016

Kenora Jamoboree 2016

U11 Girls and Boys and U12 Boys-Dryden Wilderness Teams

Kenora Jamoboree July 30th 2016

U11 Dryden Wilderness Girls Team

Sydney Oltsher and Camryn McMenemy

Sydney Oltsher and Camryn McMenemy (U11 Girls)

University Soccer from the Viewpoint of Former

Dryden Youth Soccer, Women’s Soccer and Eagle’s Soccer Player,

Emmy Arsenault

We feel that it is extremely important to acknowledge those who achieve excellence in sport at a post secondary school level.  Over the Christmas holidays we contacted Emmy Arsenault, who is a first year varsity soccer player at the University of Prince Edward Island.  We asked if she could provide Dryden Youth Soccer with a write-up about her experience of playing at a higher level of soccer and add any pictures that she may have.  She provided us with this incredible read and we would encourage you to take in these words.  Not only is going to University an academic challenge, but adding the commitment of a varsity sport is extremely impressive.  We thank Emmy for sharing her soccer experiences throughout her career and wish her all the best in the future!!

Emmy’s Words:

“I was very nervous to show up at the UPEI women’s soccer training camp, but I have gained so many positive experiences from the program. I have learned so much from practicing at this level and know I will continue to learn and improve over the next 4 years.

We had 22 girls on the squad with 18 girls chosen to dress for each game. After being selected to dress for every game, I had the privilege of traveling with my teammates by bus or plane to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Although I didn’t accumulate very many minutes of play during these games, I was able to learn a lot by participating in warm ups, watching and listening. The pace of the game at this level is much quicker, and first touches and passing are very important. Time with the ball without facing opposing players right away is very rare; thus the speed of the game is increased. Having varied skills and proper technique when handling the ball is very important.  In addition, passes have to be strong, accurate and effective as well. These are three of the things I realize I have to improve upon most.

Being a part of a team gave me lots of new friends and made it easier to get involved and meet even more people at university. Building close friendships is very important when you’re thrown into a whole new environment, and I’m very thankful that I had the soccer team to help me with this. The schedule of having practices, games and classes showed me the importance of time management and kept me busy during my time away from home.

My years in Dryden Youth Soccer, Eagles Soccer, and Dryden Senior Soccer have definitely played a huge role in my love for the game. Growing up playing on these teams gave me the hours, knowledge, and skills I needed to make it to the next level. Of course, individual training and fitness played a big part of playing at a higher level also. I have really enjoyed my time at UPEI so far and I really recommend getting involved in post-secondary athletic programs. As a walk-on, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into and was definitely out of my comfort zone. All I did was give it a try and put forth my best effort. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity and am really looking forward to improving for next soccer season.”

Emmy Arsenault


U12 Boys Team

U12 Dryden Wilderness-Boston Pizza Player’s Tournament 2016


U13 Girls-Boston Pizza Player’s Tournament 2016


U12 Boys Team 2016


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