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Wednesday, March 18, 2015 posted by Webmaster 1:07 pm

Board Members 2015

President:  Kim Douglas

Vice President:  Kerry Holland

Treasurer:  Aaren McQuarrie

Secretary:  Deidre Delorme

Communications:  Kevin Davidson

Field/Equipment Manager:  Darcy Montgomery

Fundraising/Sponsorship:  Gary Nickle

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2014 Grassroots Survey (Ontario Soccer Association)

Thursday, March 27, 2014 posted by Webmaster 9:27 am

Kids have their say in OSA   Grassroots Survey


Attendees at the   OSA Coaching Conference this past weekend saw a preview of a groundbreaking   survey and what it revealed on our youth players in Ontario. Kids from across   the province took part and gave their answers on why they play and what they   want to get out of soccer.

There is going to   be a full presentation to the membership at the OSA Soccer Conference (April   26) but here are a few highlights:

  •   1027 Grassroots players were surveyed, between   8-12 years of age
  •   Representing 34 clubs in 15 districts
  •   Reaching from Thunder Bay to Toronto, Ottawa to   Welland
  •   When asked, “I   play soccer because …?” – only 1.6% (17) of kids said they play   because they want a trophy.
  •   The overwhelming number one choice was, “Trying my best is more important   than winning.”
  •   When asked what the adults should do, the kids   responded, “The adults should   just let me play.” 
  •   And the second choice from that same category,   the kids said that it was really important that: “I have fun playing soccer.”


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