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Friday, October 24, 2014 posted by Webmaster 10:03 pm

In the event of inclement weather, please check this site, our facebook page or listen to CKDR or Q104 for the most up-to-date information.

Use the Flash to Bang method to monitor lightning for evacuation of the playing field to a safer environment. With this method the seconds are counted from the time a flash of lightning is seen until a clap of thunder is heard. When this number is 30 seconds or less, evacuation of the field should get under way. Lightning awareness should begin with the first flash of lightning seen or thunder clap heard.

Large enclosed structures (substantially constructed buildings) tend to be much safer than smaller or open structures. If the game is inside a stadium, encourage all players and coaches to go to the dressing rooms. If however, such a building is not available, fully enclosed vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, vans, fully enclosed farm vehicles, etc. with the windows rolled up provide good shelter from lightning. Never stand under trees, in an open field or under an umbrella.

The game should not be restarted until 30 minutes after the last clasp of thunder was heard or the last flash of lightning was seen.

“If you can see it (lightning) flee it; if you can hear it (thunder) clear it.”

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